LHB photo

    LHB began the music in the late 1990s by trying turntablism for some years. His musical tastes of the time limited to U.S and French rap years 1980-1990, evolved into electronics in the early 2000s largely due to renowned labels such as Ninja tune, Warp, Mo'wax...

    Drum'n'bass also attracted his attention during those years. In 2008, LHB began producing a few pieces but not satisfied, he waited several years before producing seriously and creates his first album "Late heavy bombardment" self-production in early July 2014.

    Then follows a collaboration with Roots-Stop (netlabel) for an EP "Legend". In 2014, many tracks were also produced with Fake Plastic Heads(Germany), a talented artist.
    A second album called "Mythology" which is inspired by a travel in Greece, is released since December 19th, 2014 with one track featured with Tomavatars great sound designer from Rennes, France.

   Today, many projects are underway, a third album with especially the participation of Kriss Flow (English artist) for one song. This album will be released by Raumklang Music, the Dirk Geiger's label, in 2017.